Osmium Institute

The German Osmium Institute ensures the uniform handling in trade and processing of crystalline osmium internationally, whether it is used as a jewelry metal or as a tangible asset.

We work in partnership with the Germany Osmium Institute, or “Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH.” It was founded in 2017 to standardize and facilitate global osmium trade. In this regard, the German Osmium Institute acts as the global governing body for the introduction, certification, and marketing of crystalline osmium. Its main task is to drive the expansion of the network of affiliated Osmium Institutes worldwide. It informs private individuals and companies about the use of osmium, for example in jewelry production or in the sale of osmium as a tangible investment asset. The institute is responsible for the import and certification of new crystalline osmium and negotiates import regulations for crystalline osmium with customs authorities worldwide. An example of the Advance Ruling for use by the United States Customs and Border Control agency can be found here.

Osmium Institutes are involved in trade only to the extent that they introduce newly certified crystalline osmium to the market. All trading tasks are in the hands of distributors and wholesalers and their networks in many countries around the world.

Osmium is crystallized exclusively in Switzerland and transported to the German Osmium Institute, where it undergoes a detailed testing process. The institute carries out strict quality control and issues a certificate of authenticity for each crystalline piece of osmium before it is put into circulation. The certificate contains a unique code, the “Osmium Identification Code” (OIC). Using the OIC, customs authorities, jewelers, wholesalers, and private individuals can verify the authenticity of osmium at any time.

Osmium Database

In addition, the “Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH” operates the Osmium World Database, which stores the information of all crystalline osmium pieces, osmium owners, and registered wholesalers. High-resolution scans, dimensions, and all other data collected during the certification process are entered into the Osmium database for each piece. This information can be accessed at any time thanks to OIC and OCC.


Like all Osmium Institutes, the Osmium Institute in Germany supports sales with relevant information and contacts and trains investment advisors and manufacturers. Osmium Institutes maintain a variety of websites, build information platforms, and operate an FAQ list and video channels. They also support press and social media work by providing up-to-date news at any given time.