In cooperation with the Osmium Institutes, Oslery handles the certification and documentation of each Osmium inlay and the final jewelry pieces in the Osmium database. For absolute transparency and security during buying and selling, each piece receives a certificate of authenticity.

To make crystalline osmium trade as secure as possible, each piece of crystalline osmium is certified by the Osmium Institute and assigned a unique serial number: The “Osmium Identification Code” (OIC). Thanks to the certificate and the OIC, the authenticity of each piece of osmium can be verified in the Osmium World Database at any time from any place. The international database was set up in coordination with international customs authorities and is used when transporting osmium across borders.

Even with the production of new Osmium jewelry, the newly created cut pieces must be certified. Oslery handles the entire certification process in cooperation with the Osmium Institute Germany for you. This includes:

  • Authenticity control
  • Quality control
  • Weight measurement
  • Documentation of the crystalline structure
  • Assignment of the Osmium Identification Code (OIC)
  • Entry in the Osmium World Database
  • Certification date record entry
  • Determination of the certificate type
  • Creation of a certificate of authenticity
  • Provision of the certificate in the online database
  • Shipment of the goods to the retailer

With the help of the OIC, all data recorded during certification can be viewed online at any time in the Osmium World Database. Additionally, customers receive an Owner Change Code (OCC), which confirms piece ownership. Using this code, ownership of an osmium piece can be transferred in the event of a sale. This process is simple, cost-free, and above all, secure to the highest degree. The code system prevents theft and renders the sale of potentially stolen goods impossible.

In cooperation with the Osmium Institute, Oslery issues X-Codes for jewelry with Osmium inlays. You and your customers can check the authenticity of your Osmium jewelry and have a certificate issued at any time. This location-independent verification of osmium pieces helps facilitate resale between private individuals and simplifies direct sales to end customers, partners, and other investors. Likewise, the X-Code allows for a complete and immediate transfer of ownership of all osmium pieces incorporated into the jewelry and allows the manufacturer to set his own selling price and record it in the database. The manufacturer alone decides whether the weight, dimensions and price are displayed in the database.

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