Oslery works closely with domestic Osmium Institutes of countries worldwide and is the point of contact for all luxury brands, jewelers, goldsmiths, and designers who wish to make and sell Osmium jewelry.

Oslery works in partnership with the Osmium Institutes to introduce the precious metal to international markets, inform traders, train processing companies, and act as a contact for interested clients. Through this close collaboration with the institutes, Oslery is your point of contact for all aspects of production, certification, and trading of osmium products. We offer advice on processing matters and mediate between sellers, designers, and manufacturing companies.


Anyone can purchase osmium online or in person from Osmium Institutes or affiliated dealers. Completion of a training program offered by the German Osmium Institute is required for dealers and processors to sell or broker osmium and advise customers accordingly. As a certified dealer, you will benefit not only from wholesale discounts, but also from free local advertising for your business.

Completion of the training program and subsequent exam offered by the Osmium Institute Germany, the “Osmium Academy”, is required to become a certified wholesale partner. There are different levels of training, ranging from an approximate 4-hour program to a 7-day program. Oslery is available as your initial contact for Osmium training and will advise you on any questions you may have regarding the training program.

Osmium Gallery

We offer designers, manufacturers, goldsmiths,
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Further information

We support jewelers, goldsmiths, and manufacturers in introducing osmium into their product range and provide them with information about osmium. We offer advice on event and trade show participation, and support specialty retailers with guest speakers, trade show booths, flyers, and brochures.

Through our onboarding page, we also highlight business opportunities and requirements for distributing and trading osmium to distributors and provide information about the entire onboarding process at the German Osmium Institute.