Inlay Production

Oslery specializes in the creation of exceptional Osmium inlays. We accompany jewelry producers and manufacturers of luxury items from the initial conceptualization to the end production of their products. We certify finalized Osmium inlays and supply the X-Code, a process which includes registration of the piece in the Osmium World Database. If you are a private person interested in a piece of jewelry, feel free to write to us using the contact form. We will put you in touch with the right manufacturer for you.

Jewelry designers, goldsmiths, and manufacturers of luxury products have been combining precious metals with valuable gemstones in precise handwork with extensive experience and the highest standards for centuries. Osmium, the rarest precious metal in the world, presents entirely new possibilities in the design of modern and breathtaking pieces of jewelry. A crystalline osmium inlay is set like a stone into a base of silver, gold, platinum, titanium, or other material. For more detailed information and manufacturing guidelines please contact us directly via telephone or contact form.

As the only provider of certified and specified osmium inlays, we are your preferred partner when it comes to producing opulent and unique jewelry and luxury objects with osmium. As part of our full-service offer, we provide you with consultation during all phases of production. If you wish, we will be equally happy to supervise the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. We help select the best osmium inlay for your design, help see the production through to completion, and certify finished products – all while observing your custom requests.

The Right Osmium Inlay: Selection and Order

Multiple properties of each piece of crystalline osmium that should be considered when selecting semi-finished products, such as thickness, sparkle, and surface structure. If different individual pieces of osmium are used in a piece of jewelry, special attention is required so that a harmonious ensemble is created. We provide you with competent advice and assume full responsibility for the selection, purchase and positioning of the semi-finished products.

Standardized osmium inlays such as round osmium diamonds, hearts, or letters can be ordered directly from the online store of the German Osmium Institute.


A wire eroding process is used to cut osmium inlays out of flat osmium bars. Thanks to this high-precision process, even the cutting of unfamiliar shapes is possible without hassle. Osmium can also be cut for designs that were originally planned for other single gemstones or entire diamond surfaces (such as diamond pavés).


To produce osmium jewelry, Oslery works with selected partner jewelers, luxury brands, and goldsmiths. Many years of experience and the highest quality are the benchmark for exceptional and breathtaking jewelry and luxury products.

Are you a goldsmith, manufacturer, or luxury brand looking for new ways to make your range even more exclusive? Then get in touch with us. Crystalline osmium presents completely new possibilities for you in jewelry making:

  • Osmium sparkles more than diamonds because it reflects light rather than refract it.
  • Osmium can cover large surface areas.
  • Osmium has a high intrinsic value, making it ideal jewelry and tangible asset investment simultaneously.
  • Creation of bespoke and detailed shapes are both possible.

With Osmium jewelry you expand your assortment with the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world.


Crystalline osmium is of particular interest to jewelers and private buyers. Osmium’s authenticity is verifiable from any place at any time due to its certification process, and as such, its exchange is absolutely secure. All osmium jewelry, semi-finished products, and inlays produced in collaboration with Oslery are certified and recorded in the International Osmium Database. Each piece of osmium is given its own unique identification code. In addition, jewelry pieces with processed osmium can be independently recertified.