Valuable. More valuable. The Osmium Violin

Finished at last. A masterpiece of the highest order and unlike anything the world has ever seen. The most precious new violin in the world was completed in Austria at the beginning of this year.

© Osmium-

This beautiful masterpiece was built with love by hand by Edgar Russ. Back in July 2020, when the green light was given for this project, no one had imagined how phenomenal the end result would look. Over 32 months in the making, the violin – with an overall length of approximately 67cm – was crafted and adorned with 541 osmium inlays cut exclusively for this instrument. It also features nearly 300 brilliant-cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and tsavorites – with each inlay carefully set by hand in a custom 18-karat gold setting.

© Osmium-Art

The violin, which is to be officially presented in Liechtenstein in mid-March 2023, is expected to be auctioned after a year-long world tour with several exhibition venues. The official starting price will be announced on 20.03.2023, but due to initial expressions of interest it is already assumed that it will fetch a top price in the high single or even double-digit million range.

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