Osmium has found its way to Asia

The last precious metal takes its first steps in the Asian market and effortlessly wins the hearts of the Koreans.

In October, Oslery was delighted to support the Korean Osmium Institute under the direction of Kuo-Hi Lee, which laid the foundation for entering the Asian market by attendingThe Most Valuables jewellery and luxury trade fair in Seoul.

Korea is considered a trendsetter in the Asian regions and a pioneer for innovative ideas. The last precious metal attracted not only visitors but also a lot of press, who didn’t turn down the opportunity for photos and interviews.

Equally elegant: Korean chopsticks and osmium

We are particularly proud of the first jewellery collection made in Seoul with osmium, which is surely only the beginning of an exciting new market.

We are delighted that osmium is finding its way into Asia – in addition to Korea, the last precious metal is currently also expanding into Thailand, mainland China and Hong Kong.

Scarlett Clauss, who was on location together with her colleague Nicole Draszow, gave a well-attended presentation that attracted a lot of attention, as did one of the highlights of the trade fair: The Osmium Violin.

What a successful start to what we hope will be a great collaboration with Korea!

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