Osmium Jewelry

Inlay Production, Consultation, Certification

Crystalline osmium is the shining new star in jewelry’s sky. Its enchanting sparkle and unmatched rarity make it a coveted jewelry metal – one designed, processed, and distributed by its own rules. We work in partnership with the German Osmium Institute and are the first point of contact for all luxury brands, jewelers, designers, and goldsmiths who want to work with the rarest precious metal in the world. From the initial selection of optimal osmium inlay to the final production of a product, from advice on technical processing and certification to consultation on working within the international osmium market, customers can count on our expertise. Every partnership between luxury product development and crystalline osmium begins with Oslery GmbH.

Osmium Gallery

The Osmium Gallery is our own
advertising platform we operate for dealers and manufacturers of
osmium jewelry and osmium luxury products.

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