Oslery at the Inhorgenta 2024

For the third time, Oslery was an exhibitor at Germany’s largest jewelry fair, the annual Inhorgenta in Munich, this year from February 16-19.

We were delighted to be allocated a space in Hall B1, the hall for fine jewelry. Our booth, number 408, was structured a little more artistically this year, and we were excited to present pieces of jewelry from China, Korea, Brazil, Europe and the UK.

Four of the enchantingly beautiful pieces of osmium jewelry were also submitted for this year’s Inhorgenta Award.

There was also something to win: The Oslery raffled off a total of 40 pieces of the rarest precious metal in the world, 10 each of osmium diamonds, stars, squares and triangles!

We were delighted to welcome every visitor who came to see us and wanted to gain an insight into the sparkling world of the Sunshine Element.

Booth 408 at the 2024 Inhorgenta in Munich

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