Osmium at the Intergem 2023

A particular highlight in the last few months was most definitely the annual stone trade fairIntergem in Idar-Oberstein in September, where Oslery was an exhibitor for the first time.

With the support of the German Osmium Institute and with a booth directly in the foyer, the eye-catching pieces of jewellery, refined with osmium, attracted many curious people and kept them marvelling for quite some time.

Oslery-founder Scarlett Clauss presents the osmium violin (https://www.osmium-art.com/)

Especially the osmium violin attracted a lot of attention. The most valuable new violin in the world is a project by “Osmium-Art” and was created by Edgar Russ. The unique instrument is adorned with a total of 298 high-quality gemstones and 541 pieces of crystalline osmium.

Katharina Perez’s jewellery show and the enthusiasm of young goldsmith students who were inspired to work with the world’s most nobel precious metal are just a few of the many impressions that Intergem 2023 provided.

Thank you very much – we are looking forward to next year’s Intergem!

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