Osmium ring graces cover of goldsmith magazine

This is the third time that an osmium piece of jewelry has been featured on the cover of the “Goldschmiede-Zeitung”.
50 years of Inhorgenta: In issue 01/24, GZ not only takes its readers on a visual journey through time – we are delighted that the spectacular “Supernova” ring, a design by Brazilian Anthony Garcia, graces the cover of this special issue.

The name and design of the unusual ring are inspired by the formation of the platinum group metals, including osmium. Scientists assume that these metals were created by a so-called supernova. The exceptional design symbolizes the brief, bright glow of a star at the end of its life; a radiance that increases millions to billions of times at the moment of explosion.

The centerpiece of the ring is made of osmium, and the design almost seems to float in the air around the finger wearing it.

The “Supernova” ring and its radiance will also be entered for this year’s Inhorgenta Award.
GZ is also dedicating an editorial article to Osmium, which we are very excited about. We would like to thank the Goldschmiede-Zeitung for the great cooperation, which is attracting a lot of attention to Osmium!

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